It’s all communication

Everything I’ve worked on, and everything I will work on, is all about communication at its core


For over a decade Genelle Aldred has worked at many of the UK largest broadcasting organisations. It has taken her in different directions and ended up in a non-linear career with contrasting and complimentary skills.

She has worked with colleagues and mentors at the BBC, ITV and ITN. Learning about different aspects of the media industry along the way.

Genelle started out at the BBC after gaining a Masters in Broadcast Journalism from Staffordshire University.

My first job was called ‘Slice and Dice’ It was putting Midlands Today on the internet. No one was really even counting! Analytics wasn’t really a thing then.

After being an Online Journlist, Weather Presenter, Newreader, Documentary Researcher and Producer Genelle took a career pivot. Head of Digital Strategy and Head of Media roles in the charity sector added further skills and experience to her portfolio.

Current working life:

When I was 18, I said I wanted a portfolio career, I didn’t even know what that was. But, the idea of balancing different projects and contexts seemed interesting.

Genelle currently freelances for ITN reading the news for ITV London and C5 News. She also contributes to Happy Not Perfect as meditation guide. Genelle also consults for brands in the areas of diversity, communication which consider digital and brand strategy and social media. She believes it’s all communication as it is about how your brand is being perceived by all people looking in. Taking brands on the journey of wider appeal and scaling up by using comms is an area of passion for Genelle.